Core Care Team

Ms. Madi

Hi! My name is Madi Redman and I joined the PCK family last year. You probably have seen me around the school doing other things: I've subbed, helped with the preschool, and now I am working full time as the director of Core Care Club. I recently graduated from the University of Denver with my degree in anthropology and psychology and I am currently working on a master's program for child/adolescent developmental psychology. Outside of work, I love graphic design, reading, hiking with my dog, and running. I'm training for a half marathon next spring!

Favorites: Starbucks, Chick Fil A, Barnes & Noble, KitKats, any kind of sour candy, and Goldfish

Allergies: Ginger allergy, dairy-free (mostly)

Ms. Karlie

My name is Karlie Newbrough and I’m a junior at Legend high school. I attended PCK all throughout elementary and middle school, so I’m very familiar with the teachers and environment. This is my second year working with Core Care Club, and I absolutely love all of the kids! Outside of work, I like to spend time with my dog Peaches, hangout with my friends, and bake. I’m also very artsy and love to do crafts like painting, scrapbooking, and gem art. Along with being artsy, I am in AP Photography and love to do portraiture and landscapes!

Favorites: Dutch Bros, Raising Cane's, all types of candy, and Target

Allergies: None

Mr. Kris

Sup. My name is Kris and as you can probably tell, I'm a musician! I'm a product of 1993, but my musical taste goes all the way back from the 1950's and up to today! Some people call me an old soul! Lol. I play 6 different instruments and am adept at writing, recording, and producing music. I hope to one day make this my livelihood! In the meantime, however, I thoroughly enjoy working with kids! After all, I started working at PCK just a week after Vinny did back in 2014! Maybe you've seen me around! Honestly, my first week working in a school was daunting and in my teen years I would have been skeptical if anyone would have told me that I'd be working in a school. I thought I was too cool for school! Never in a million years would I have thought I would be working with kids, but fast forward to today, and here I am! I've learned a lot from these kids over the years; especially the value of patience. All and all, I love PCK and the community surrounding it and I love seeing these great kids turn into successful and well rounded adults! I look forward to getting to know any one of you who comes my way, don't hesitate to stop by and say "Hey"!

Favorites: Music and music related things, fine fragrance, all kinds of spicy foods, strong black coffee (unless I'm on an empty stomach, best be using some cream in a situation like that), and I can't forget Rita's Italian Ice. Have you been there? That's some good stuff, I'll tell you what!

Allergies: None (as far as I know)