How do I log into my parent portal?

The link to access the parent portal can be found right here: https://app.jackrabbitclass.com/jr3.0/ParentPortal/Login?orgId=541291

The parent portal can be used to register your children for Core Care, view your balance, make schedule changes, etc.

When will I be billed?

Billing will process automatically on Tuesdays for the prior week of care. If you want to pay your balance earlier, you can log in to the parent portal and pay your balance at any time.

How do I split my bill between different cards or account?

This must be done through the parent portal. Log in, click "Pay Now" inside the "Current Balance" box, and enter the amount you wish to charge to each saved card.

How do I make schedule changes?

Long term schedule changes can be made in the parent portal, short term changes can be emailed to mredman@ckcs.net.
Will I be charged if my child misses a day of care?

Yes! Unless you email changes or absences to mredman@ckcs.net AHEAD of time, you will still be billed for the days your child is scheduled for.

What if I want my child to come on a day they are not normally scheduled on?

Email mredman@ckcs.net ahead of time, or else you will be charged a drop in fee for any days not on your schedule. The drop in fee is $30.

What if I am late to pick up my child?

Children picked up later than their scheduled time will result in a late fee, which is taken on a case by case basis. In most cases, it will be a $1 fee per minute after 6:05pm.

Where do I drop off and pick up my child?

Pickup/drop-off is on the east side of the building. The door for Core Care Club is right next to the preschool entrance. There is a doorbell located to the right of the entrance, ring the doorbell and your child will be brought out to you.

Will my child receive homework help at Core Care Club?

Yes! Homework support is offered Monday-Thursday and any children are free to attend homework support, which is hosted by a PCK teacher and runs until 4:45pm.

What is the Preschool Siblings Program?

The preschool Siblings program is for kids in the school age program that need care until their preschool sibling has finished school. Pick up is no later than 3:50pm.